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Responsibility: 1.responsible for financial management and control, tax and audit of brazil company. 2.responsible for cash flow management and forecasting. Ap and ar management. And bank operations. 3.preparation of tax reconciliations and income tax returns. 4.all general ledge duties in preparation for month end, and developing financial and management reports. collect and covert local information of financial, capital and taxation regime into meaningful business decision. Liaising with headquarter in order to complete work assignments as needed. 6.assist with internal audit, risk-control review and implementation. Requirements: 1.minimum 3 years full-time work experience in business services role, proficiency in corporation accounting; Certificate of accounting profession. 2.prefer fluent oral english 3.have a good knowledge of the corporations act, accounting standards, tax legislation and other relevant legislations as they relate to the work undertaken. 4. With active crc REQUISITOS Escolaridade Mínima: Superior Carreira: Requisitos Minimos: Idiomas Requisitados: - Conhecimento Software: CONTRATO Tipo de contrato: Contrato CLT(Efetivo) Duração: Jornada: IndiferentePara enviar a sua candidatura para este emprego, clique em iniciar sessão em baixo e utilize o formulário do site.