Post-doctorate opportunity in Brazil funded by FAPESP (Sao Paulo Research Foundation) University of São Paulo, Biosciences Institute, Department of Physiology Department of Physiology (IBUSP) invites applications for a junior postdoctoral position. General Information Field of knowledge: Ecological Climate Change Research FAPESP process: 2014/16320-7 Project title: Impacts of climate/environmental change on the fauna: an integrative approach Working area: Modelling of climate change impacts based on physiological data Principal investigator: Carlos Arturo Navas Iannini Co PIs: Ariovaldo Cruz Neto, Fernando Ribeiro Gomes & Renata Guimarães Moreira Whitton Supervision: FAPESP requires a project supervisor. The coordinator or any PI can act as supervisors according to the approved project Unit/Instituition: University of São Paulo Locale: Department of Physiology, Biosciences Institute Deadline for submissions: June 12th, 2017 Duration: Up to two years Fellowship context: FAPESP supports the Thematic Project “Impacts of climate/environmental change on the fauna: an integrative approach” including one Post-Doctorate Fellowship. The general question addressed in this project is how and why physical variables related to climate, and the interaction between climate and other sources of anthropic environmental change, affect physiological function and ecological performance in animal species. This project is coordinated by Dr. Carlos A. Navas hl=pt-BR) and has as PI’s, Dr. Ariovaldo P.C. Neto hl=pt-BR), Fernando Ribeiro Gomes hl=pt-BR& oi=ao), Renata G.M. Whitton hl=pt-BR). The contract signed will be between the candidate and FAPESP. A copy of the project can be obtained, upon request, from Dr. Carlos Navas or from any of the PI’s. For a description of the fellowship, consult the FAPESP site at Opportunity description: We expect a candidate who links niche/distribution modeling with mechanistic data, including information on physiological plasticity. The candidate must present and develop his/her own research proposal, which may focus on any animal lineage, but must respect the required interaction between modelling and physiological data. In addition to this research, we expect the candidate to offer a condensed graduate course in a topic of expertise, and to contribute to ongoing research when common interests emerge. Documents required: A preliminary selection will be based on the following documents: 1) A Summary CV (up to three pages) highlighting expertise in the field; 2) A summary of research project (one page); 3) A Letter of Intention explaining interest for the position (one page). Selected candidates will be contacted and required to send: 1) An extended summary of research proposal (up to five pages) and 2) two letters of recommendation. Additionally, a personal or internet interview will be required. Documents required must be sent to project coordinator via the "Apply for this job" button.Para enviar a sua candidatura, por favor utilize o formulário abaixo.